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Toluca Gourmet makes the freshest tasting hot sauces around. In fact, if you open a bottle you’ll smell the peppers. Our recipes bring out the true crisp, fruity flavor of a freshly cut chili with none of that fierce acidity you find in those vinegar-based products.

Home Style

Our products are simple. We make them from old home style recipes. These aren’t thin, watery sauces. You can see the chunks of ripe chili and seeds through our custom-made glass bottles. You won’t find any ground up dried chili in our sauces; they are fresh from start to finish.


Sure our products are hot sauces. But just because they are hot doesn’t mean they lack flavor. We don’t crank up the heat with chemical additives designed to singe the taste buds off your palate. No, our heat is all natural; it builds slowly and gives you a clean heat that makes you come back for more.  If our Jalapeño sauce isn’t hot enough for you, try our Habanero. If you want more heat than that, well just eat more sauce.